If there is something that photography can describe better than a frozen moment is a moment of pause. The pause that comes naturally and not because of the nature of a medium. The pause that brings life to the next moment and sound to its own duration. an internal pause, an internal need to extend the time by not seizing it. The cure for our overwhelming reality. The great balance for a musical piece.  Whether is an absence that keeps you awake or a hope that grows in time a pause might be the most relieved action as a long and soft breath.    The essence of this psychological state of stillness could be revealed through the power of media. Through the camera stillness becomes the point of intersection for the viewer (photographer) and the viewed (photographed). The photographer is grasping the moment of “pause”, as well as because of the nature of its medium, which possesses internally the quality of representing stillness.     Photography provides the conditions of catching the “stillness” as taking a picture is grasping a moment that represented, transforms into a moment of “pause, with the exciting encounter between state of mind and its revelation into photography, led by the photographer.   
        “THE TOURIST”    The tourist is the traveller, the one who travels to collect memories, meets a different culture and questions traditions and stereotypes. Most of the times what he finds is different from what he is used to.  Nothing is ordinary in the eyes of a traveller. Since he is the newcomer he is the one considered extraordinary.    My first encounter of this extra-ordinary, newcomer was when I was four years old. He was a tall man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. When I asked my parents who he was they simply called him, the tourist.    Greece is a country with many travellers and recalling the prologue of the fist French blue guide for “Grèce” “travel to Greece requires a certain effort of adaptation”. The truth is that wherever you travel the same rules apply.    Since this very first travel guide was published a new stereotype was born. A person with white skin and light coloured eyes was always the traveller, always the touristand was always the one who spoke a different language and his skin was sensitive under the bright sun.    In my lifetime I met many travellers, each with a different sense of humour and different eating habits. Since I am not living in own my country anymore I am considered now as the traveller. The roles have changed.    Now I am the out of the ordinary, the newcomer and the one who has a different sense of humour and undying curiosity.     I explore this new state through photographing portraits of people I have encountered, who some of them have become my friends, my colleagues, my lovers. I am closer than ever to the extra-ordinary and slowly becoming familiar with its existence. However in the back of my mind it will remind me the tall man with long blond hair and blue eyes whom I was always curious to know and my parents simply called him, the tourist.